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Everyday, whether at work or at home, your customers are constantly exposed to blue light, whether in front of a computer, television, smartphone or tablet...

With the Osmose Reading Range, Octika has developed magnifying glasses with blue anti-lighting.

These glasses, equipped with Blueblock technology, are available with a correction ranging from + 1.50 to + 3.50 diopter to adapt to everyone's vision.
You will find these frames in a wide range of colours, all equipped with Flex temples in armed CP and adjustable to dress the eyes of both men and women, from the youngest to the oldest.

These versatile frames will adapt to the sight of your adult male and female customers who spend time reading in front of their computer, smartphone, Ipad at work and at home.

They will make their lives easier and provide clear near vision for reading, crafts, sewing or any activity requiring very close vision.

The plastic material being thick, it marks the face more and is therefore more conspicuous, but it appears warmer.
It is recommended for people with marked facial features and for young people who want to assert their personality and give free rein to their colour fantasies.

Plastic frames are certainly a good option as they offer several notable advantages. One of these advantages is that plastic frames are available in all the colours of the rainbow.

Resistance to chemical erosion
Plastic glasses are also resistant to chemical erosion. Compared to materials such as metal, plastic does not corrode through sweat. People who choose to wear plastic glasses will not be bothered by sweat.

A light solution
Plastic glasses are also much lighter. A person who chooses to wear plastic glasses will benefit because the nose of the temples will not be subjected to any pressure. The absence of pressure makes plastic glasses more comfortable.

Plastic is hypoallergenic
Plastic is available in many colours, textures and patterns.

Plastic is one of the best materials for your frame. Indeed, plastic frames are available in many colours, textures and patterns. Plastic frames are also highly adjustable, durable and impact resistant. These properties make plastic frames an ideal material for sports

Plastic is probably the most widespread and most popular material for making spectacles. This material owes its popularity to its excellent value for money. Its adaptability to almost all types of lenses allows opticians to offer a very wide range of products, colours and shapes, which are very varied to give free rein to your originality. Plastic also makes it possible to create frames that are both light and resistant for optimal comfort.

Today, two types of plastics are mainly used in the manufacture of eyeglasses:
- acetate, which allows frames to be worked to give them a multitude of shapes and a brilliant shine.
- injected plastic allowing the production of lightweight frames at very affordable prices.

Plastic is a popular material for frames because it allows a wide variety of colours, textures and patterns. They are strong, often less expensive and can be adapted to virtually any lens and therefore any correction

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