Polar Clip Ultem Frame Osmose Eyewear

Opticians, are you looking for an optical accessory that will allow your customers to read, walk in the sun or drive at night without spending a large budget? The Osmose Polar clip range is made for you.

It is composed of Ultem's resin optical frames with solar clips that will follow your customers everywhere and adapt to their desires.

Ultem is an amorphous thermoplastic material based on polyetherimide (PEI) which has extraordinary properties, perfect for eyeglass frames. Each frame is supplied with a category 3 polarised clip that complies with UV 400 standards: Ideal for use in a high light environment (e.g. summer holidays at the sea, beach or winter sports).

The Osmose Eyewear brand provides high profitability for opticians. As a real alternative to branded eyewear, Polar Clip Ultem frames are attractive and easy to sell. Due to their excellent price-performance ratio, they have a high turnover in optical shops.

The Polar Clip Ultem range from Osmose has several important advantages for opticians:
- More than 53 models of Ultem Polar Clip frames, each available in several colours for both men and women.
- Polarised Glasses in Cellulose Acetate Tri-Acetate (TAC), category 3, UV400
- More x new products in 2021
- New products added twice a year : january & September
- For every purchase of an Osmose Polar Clip Ultem frame, a protective case with its micro fibre cloth is offered to you.
- All our Polar Clip Ultem frames are available in real time on our website.
- No minimum order.
- Free shipping for orders of 10 or more frames per order.
- After-sales service guaranteed for 2 years after your purchase.
- Delivery 48h in France and 72h internationally.
- more than 1,500,000 frames in stock in our warehouses
- 5 sales representatives in France to show your brands & collections

Due to their sturdiness, Ultem frames are equally suitable for young and adult sportsmen and women. These frames are perfect for complicated situations. Comfort is never neglected with this material: heat / mountain / cold... can be worn in the city as well as in the mountains.

Clips are an excellent alternative for your female and male customers.
First of all, they are very practical to use. They can be removed and put on and off very naturally.
They are also not very fragile and are suitable for sports activities.
The clips are designed to fit perfectly into your frame without damaging it.
The Clip has become an aesthetic accessory with trendy shapes and colours.
It allows you to choose the frame of your choice
It offers the same comfort as classic glasses

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