Polarized Solar Clips Osmose Eyewear

Opticians, are you looking for an accessory that can be added to your frames in a second while maintaining style and comfort? This accessory will allow your customers to read, walk in the sun without spending a large budget! The polarised solar clip range is made for you. ...

The polarized solar clips will perfectly follow the curves of your customers' frames, turning them into real sunglasses for 4 grams more and 1mm thick.

In addition, here are the specifics of the Osmose polarized clips:
1. The material: these clips are made of ULTEM, an ultra-light thermoplastic resin. This material also has the advantage of being ecological and hypoallergenic.
2. They are magnetic and adapt very easily to glasses thanks to magnets positioned close to the temples. The clip holds very well and is easy to remove.
3. The solar clip is equipped with category 3 polarised lenses, UV 400 standard which protects your customers 100% from UV and blue light. The polarisation of the lenses blocks reflections and reverberation so that these clip-on glasses provide you with sensational visual comfort while reducing visual fatigue.
4. These clips come with a soft case and a pouch for the clip; easy to slip into a pocket and above all practical so that you don't lose your clip!

The Osmose Eyewear brand provides high profitability for opticians. As a real alternative to branded glasses, polarised sun clips are a popular and easy to sell model. They have a fast turnover in optical shops due to their excellent price-performance ratio.

The Osmose polarised sunglasses clip range has several important advantages for opticians:
- More than 90 models of polarised sunglasses clips for your male and female customers.
- Polarised Glasses in Cellulose Acetate Tri-Acetate (TAC), category 3, UV400
- More x new products in 2021
- New products added twice a year
- For every purchase of a polarised Solar Osmosis clip a protective case with its micro fibre cloth is offered to you.
- All our polarised solar clips are available in real time on our website.
- No minimum order.
- Free shipping for orders of 10 or more frames per order.
- After-sales service guaranteed for 2 years after your purchase.
- 48h delivery in France and 72h delivery abroad.
- more than 1,500,000 frames in stock in our warehouses
- 5 sales representatives in France to show you all our frames.

Due to their sturdiness, Osmose polarised solar clips are suitable for both young people and adults. These frames are perfect for complicated situations. Comfort is never neglected with this material: heat / mountain / cold... can be worn in the city as well as in the mountains.

There are shapes that are better suited to certain morphologies. To soften the features of a square face, we use round sun clips. Conversely, rectangular frames soften roundness. This shape gives dynamism to the face and is quite suitable for different geometries. It is the most popular shape for men. Choose a shade (matte black, tortoiseshell, brown, colour) that matches your hair and skin colour. Feel like adding a little retro touch or a little boldness to your outfits? Go for oversize clips.

Sun clips: a practical, customisable and economical system Modern magic means turning a single pair of glasses into several pairs of sunglasses! With the Polar Clip range of sunglasses, your customers will be able to adapt their sunglasses to any situation of the day. A new pair of sunglasses, always adapted to their eyesight.

Perfectly designed to follow you in your daily life, they don't take up too much space in your bag or pocket. Thanks to their invisible magnetic system, the sun clips can be attached to the frame in a few moments. Your customers will always be ready for lunch breaks on the terrace, walks in the city, or car journeys in the blazing sun!

Even if the sun brings so many good things, it is still necessary to know how to protect oneself from it, the skin and eyes must not forget the effects of UV rays. Polarised clips offer perfect protection, as they filter out 100% of UV rays, while at the same time providing visual comfort as they eliminate horizontal reflections such as those on a wet road and on the surface of water, increase contrast and offer a whole new visual perception.

A stylish fashion accessory!
Polarised Osmoses clips are also a stylish fashion accessory with a wide range of styles and colours.
Imagine a clip that looks stylish while respecting the shape of your customer's frames.

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