Acetate Optical Frames Osmose Eyewear

Warm and comfortable on the skin, acetate offers a wide range of colours. The wide range of the Osmose optical acetate range is composed of mix material models in monochrome...

Why choose the Acetate Optical Osmose Range?

The Osmose Eyewear brand provides a high level of profitability for opticians. As a real alternative to branded eyewear, acetate frames are attractive and easy to sell. They have a fast turnover in optical shops due to their excellent price-performance ratio.

What are the advantages of Osmose Acetate Optical Frames for the optician?

The Osmose Eyewear brand allows a strong profitability for opticians. As a real alternative to branded eyewear, Acetate Optical frames are attractive and easy to sell. They have a fast turnover in optical shops due to their excellent price-performance ratio.

- More than 93 models of Acetate Optical frames are available in a variety of colours for women, men and juniors.
- More than 27 new products in 2021
- New products added twice a year : Each January & September
- Frames compatible with uncorrected lenses, single vision lenses, progressive lenses, etc.
- For every purchase of a Acetate Osmose Optical frame, a protective case is offered to you.
- All our Acetate frames are available in real time on our website.
- No minimum order.
- Free shipping for orders of 10 or more frames per order.
- After-sales service guaranteed for 2 years after your purchase.
- Delivery 48h in France and 72h internationally.
- More than 1,500,000 frames in stock in our warehouses
- 5 sales representatives in France to show you all our brands & collections.

To who the Osmose Optical Acetate frames are suitable for?

Acetate will suit your male and female customers who love intense colours and patterns, as well as classic and unusual shapes. They are more assertive models: thicker, more present on the face. They are a real fashion accessory.

The shape and colour will assert the character of their glasses: classic and chic, original and colourful, trendy…

The advantages of Osmose Optical Acetate Frames for your customers

• Gives a natural feel to the skin
• Perfect for allergy sufferers and eyeglass wearers with sensitive skin
• Gives an elegant shine almost like silk
• Robust and durable
• Can be heated and gives the optician flexibility in fitting lenses
• Stains are easy to remove
• Great comfort

Acetate has 5 major advantages for your customers

Acetate eyeglasses can be used for all looks: unlike other plastics, cellulose acetate can be processed in an infinite range of colours. They can also have a particularly aesthetic shine. Practical for matching glasses to outfits or for choosing a frame with a truly original design!

- Acetate glasses are more resistant: this material offers superior technical specifications where traditional plastic frames have reached their limits (quality, resistance etc.). This is why it is a material to be preferred by your junior/children's customers, sportsmen and women and those who tend to mistreat their glasses.

- Cellulose acetate is an eco-friendly material: the pulp obtained from cotton fibrils and alcohol is laminated, heated and compressed to form sheets, either single-coloured or fancy.

- The acetate frames are hand-made, so they have a handcrafted side which also explains their quality and the precision of the result obtained. This material and its shaping give a unique aspect to each frame, its finish makes it an exceptional eyewear.

- Acetate frames are generally incredibly comfortable. For example, their cotton-based construction makes them particularly suitable for people who are usually prone to allergies.

The Incredible Qualities of Cellulose Acetate
the Best Quality of Plastic.

Cellulose acetate also stands out for its advantageous properties: this material is biodegradable and has good compatibility with other plasticising products.

It is also easy to work with heat, is highly resistant to mould, mildew and is hypoallergenic. Cellulose acetate is therefore particularly recommended for the manufacture of quality eyewear that is tolerable by all skin types.

It is a guarantee of quality and longevity for your glasses and sunglasses!

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