TR90 Polarized Sunglasses Osmose Eyewear

Opticians, are you looking for polarised sunglasses that offer durability, flexibility, comfort and lightness? Then TR90 polarised Osmose Solar frames are exactly what you are looking for.

Made from a new generation of plastic, unbreakable and able to withstand in extreme conditions without deformation, the TR90 offers a range with a sporty look. This material has many advantages:

- extreme resistance under stress (vibrations, shocks, intensive use),
- excellent water flow properties and impressive lightness (lightest thermoplastic on the market).
- TRI Cellulose Acetate (TAC) category 3 glass with UV 400 standards. Better colour perception.
The TAC consists of 7 layers:

1) The first layer is the polarisation layer.
2) The 2nd and 3rd layers are bonding layers to ensure durability.
3) The 4th and 5th layers are UV protection layers to absorb UV light.
4) The 6th and 7th layers are anti-shatter layers.

Protective layer 100% UV400, blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Restores true colours, eliminates reflected and scattered light makes the landscape lighter and softer and provides perfect eye protection.
Ideal for sports and leisure use in warm and sunny environments, such as the beach in summer or winter sports in the mountains.

The Grilamid TR90 is a reference material in the technical sun optics market and offers unrivalled technical specifications.

The Osmose Eyewear brand provides high profitability for opticians. As a real alternative to branded eyewear, the TR 90 Polarised Sunglasses are attractive and easy to sell. Due to their excellent price-performance ratio, they have a high turnover rate in optician's shops.

Osmose's TR 90 Polarised Solar Range has several important advantages for opticians:

- More than 24 models of TR 90 Solar Polarised frames, each available in several colours for both men and women.
- Polarised Glasses in Cellulose Acetate Tri-Acetate (TAC), category 3, UV400
- More x new products in 2021
- New products added twice a year : January & September
- For every purchase of an Osmose TR 90 Polarised Solar frame, a protective case with its micro fibre cloth is offered to you.
- All our TR90 solar frames are available in real time on our website.
- No minimum order quantity.
- Free shipping for orders of 10 or more frames per order.
- After-sales service guaranteed for 2 years after your purchase.
- 48h delivery in France and 72h delivery abroad.
- more than 1,500,000 frames in stock in our warehouses
- 5 sales representatives in France to show you our brands and collections

"These frames are particularly adapted to the harshest conditions: Sportsmen and women in all kinds of heat or cold, these glasses do not deform. They are also suitable for people who like to wear lightweight glasses. "

• High performance and impact resistance
• Reduced weight of frames providing maximum comfort
• Shape memory, flexible and virtually unbreakable
• Extreme resistance to stress cracking
• Resistance to climatic aging
• Resistance to acids and solvents
• Excellent flow properties (resilience)

Grilamid TR90 is today's reference material in the technical solar optics market.
Grilamid TR 90 is a high quality thermoplastic material, specifically designed for spectacle frames, which offers better elasticity and deformability. The high elasticity of the frame guarantees a high level of comfort. Its excellent stability in the event of sudden temperature changes and its impressive elastic memory enable the frames to withstand any stress.

Its technical features give the frames a perfect and unbeatable result:The TR90 was produced using technology as a thermoplastic material which is currently the most popular lightweight frame material. It is super wear resistant and has a low coefficient of friction. It is incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight.
Glasses made with TR90 are extremely comfortable because they are flexible. This means that they can bend under pressure and comfortably follow the contours of your face.

This flexibility also makes TR90 glasses resistant to damage. Because the material is flexible, they are much less likely to break or bend under impact. If your customers constantly drop their glasses, don't worry! TR90 frames will not move.
Last but not least, TR90 glasses are extremely lightweight! The thermoplastic material has a very fine touch, you really have to wear it to believe it.

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