Plastic Sunglasses Junior (CP-TR90) IKALY Eyewear

Even more than adults' eyes, children's eyes need special attention. Similarly, protective sunglasses are essential to protect their eyesight...

Children deserve the best in optics to protect their eyes at all times of the day and in all circumstances. The Ikaly Junior Plastic Injected Sunglasses range offers to your junior male and female customers a wide choice of high quality sunglasses.

In addition to ensuring children's visual health, our frames are resistant and can thus accompany them in their daily adventures. High-performance, aesthetic and durable, our junior injected plastic sunglasses frames remain affordable and allow everyone to find their own style.

It has never been easier to find low-priced children's / junior sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses for a proud and trendy look

Our Ikaly Sunglasses enjoy an excellent reputation and solid notoriety in the optical world. This is why our models will convince you not only by their choice, but also by their excellent value for money.

Our solar Plastic Injected frames Sunglassesa guarantee optimum wearing comfort for your customers. Our scratch-resistant lenses meet the highest health protection standards. Many models can also be adapted to your customers' eyesight for optimal use.

The Ikaly Eyewear brand provides a high level of profitability for opticians. As the leader in the second pair segment in France, Ikaly Metal Sunglasses frames are models that are attractive and easy to sell. They have a rapid turnover in optical shops due to their excellent quality/price ratio.

The Ikaly Solar Injected Plastic Range has several significant advantages for opticians:

- A very large offer of optical and solar frames: more than 1500 references varied choice, design and low price.
- More than 180 models of Solar Plastic Injected frames, each available in several colours for men, women and juniors.
- New products are added once a year in January.
- Frames compatible with uncorrected lenses, single vision lenses, progressive lenses, etc.
- All our frames are available in real time on our website.
- No minimum order.
- Free shipping for orders of 10 or more frames per order.
- After-sales service guaranteed for 2 years after your purchase.
- Delivery 48h in France and 72h internationally.
- more than 1,500,000 frames in stock in our warehouses
- 5 sales representatives in France to show you our brands & collections.

Thin or thick, there's bound to be an Ikaly Junior Solar Injected Plastic frame for your customers!

- Generally for all users who are looking for a good quality/price ratio and who are satisfied with classic, normal glasses without too much bling. Even better, this material is suitable for athletes.
- The plastic frames fit virtually all lenses and corrections. A wide range of colors, designs and shapes is available for your junior customers.
- They are sturdy and offer very good comfort for children. They adapt well to the morphology of the youngest.
- Often, many models with nose pads and rubber temple tips guarantee even better grip and comfort.
They are recommended for children and juniors who are going to have a hard time! They are resistant and reinforced to adapt to this clientele.

They are also adapted to young people who want to assert their personality and give free rein to their colorful imagination.

Thanks to new technologies, the quality of Ikaly Solar Plastic Injected frames is constantly improving and gives as advantages :

- Lightness and comfort for the wearer on a daily basis.
- Solar injected plastic frames have simple colors, usually black, brown, blue.
-Also a combination of colors, textures and shapes, patterns in addition to that it is a relatively light material compared to cellulose acetate.
- Excellent value for money
- A choice that will delight the whole family
- They are solid, often less expensive and can be adapted to practically all lenses and therefore all corrections.

Plastic is probably the most widespread and most popular material for making frames. This material owes its popularity to its excellent value for money. Its adaptability to almost all types of lenses allows opticians to offer a very wide range of products, colours and shapes, which are very varied to give free rein to your originality. Injection moulded plastic also makes it possible to create frames that are both light and resistant for optimal comfort.

- Injected plastic allows us to produce lightweight frames at very affordable prices.

Thin or thick, there is bound to be an Ikaly injected plastic frame for your customers!
- Plastic frames adapt to virtually all lenses and corrections. You have a wide choice! ?
- These frames are generally less expensive than metal frames. A lot of fun at an attractive price! ? - They are sturdy and offer very good comfort. ?
- However, they do not have inserts, so the frame must fit your nose perfectly. Try on the pair of your choice in the shop and see if they fit your face!

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