Since the beginning at Octika, we have been particularly attentive to ensure that the business has a positive impact at all levels: in our internal operations, our relationship with opticians, suppliers and the products and services we provide.

The essence of our business model is the quality of customer service. Octika listens to its customers who help us every day to build an ever more efficient offer.


"To Each Face Its Glasses"
Every person must have access to quality, design and affordable eyewear.


Devise, manufacture and distribute COMPLETE RANGES
of quality, design and affordable eyewear to professionals, mainly opticians.

French Distributor of Optical and Solar Frames for 20 years

For the last 20 years, Octika has been doing everything possible to help eyewear professionals offer optical and solar frames to each of their customers with an excellent quality-price ratio, regardless the shape of their faces and their budgets.

2001: Creation of Octika

Created in 2001 in Montpellier by Stefano Cinquegrana, Octika quickly found its place on the French territory with a strong demand on the "2nd pair" market.

2009 : Creation of the Osmose Brand

In order to expand Octika's offer and establish its positioning, the OSMOSE Occhiali brand is created.

Its DNA? Top-of-the-range optical and solar frames with an excellent price-quality ratio.

2013 : Opening to the European market

Opening of a distribution branch in Morocco and Spain.

2017 : Enrichment of the OSMOSE brand

Launch of the " OSMOSE Polar Clip " range. Devise of a new range of reading magnifiers " OSMOSE Reading " to complete the offer.

2020 : Redesign Octika, OSMOSE and IKALY visual identity

Always with the aim of consistency and internationalization Octika spruced herself up to fit its new brand identity and market needs Octika
OSMOSE becomes OSMOSE Eyewear Ik Occhiali becomes IKALY

2008 : Octika's first catalog for Optician

Always with the aim of developing the company, the first catalog is produced. The medium is sent to 10,000 opticians throughout France, and the return is up to expectations.

2012: Octika expands

The company has decided to stay in Montpellier but moved to a new location of more than 1 500 m² to continue its development. At the same time, it launched the OSMOSE Polarized collection (equipped with 100% polarized lenses).

2014 : Octika's website and EDI catalog

Opening of the online ordering platform: with a stock management updated in real time. The first EDI catalog in the OPTOV11 standard is published to meet the needs of opticians

2019 : New website of Octika

Launch of the new version of the website, more ergonomic and intuitive, declined in several languages for the opening on the European market.

2021 : Purchase of a second warehouse and installation of a WMS

To support its international growth, Octika has bought a second warehouse of 17000 m2. Its goal is to expand its collections, and recruit more staff.

In its pursuit of digitalization, Octika has installed a WMS to increase efficiency and adapt to the ever-changing global demand.