Discover the P251_C2 enfant fille's optical frame in metal and gold-rose from IKALY. Combining innovative materials such as stainless steel and TR 90, this light and trendy model offers a wide choice of colours. It will please your enfant fille customers. A must have in your optical shop.

IKALY Optical Metal

Lightweight and trendy, the metal optics range is made of stainless steel with a wide choice of colours.

Made of stainless steel, the P251_C2 ladies' model is light, flexible and corrosion-proof. Both discreet and thin, metal has the advantage of giving flexibility to the bezel and lightness. Ultra-resistant and skin-friendly, the advantages of metal are countless.

The IKALY metal optical range will give your enfant fille customers an urban and trendy look. Resistance, lightness and its urban style make it very fashionable!
The IKALY metal optics range is available in a wide range of colours and models including : P251_C3.

There is something for everyone! They are compatible with lenses without correction, single vision lenses and progressive lenses.
Opticians, let yourself be seduced by the double bridge models, the models with coloured rings. Even children are getting in on the act with round shapes adapted to their faces!

IKALY second pair glasses are an excellent choice for your point of sale. Unbeatable value for money, a choice of more than 1500 references and a 2-year after-sales service.

46.0 mm Glass width : 46.0
16 mm Bridge size : 16
135 mm Size Branch : 135
41.0 mm Glass height : 41.0
Enfant Fille
Flex Hinge
46.0 mm
16 mm
135 mm
41.0 mm
Le mot de l'expert

To meet your customers' desires and stay in the trend, each year in february and september and September new Metal optical frames from the IKALY range are offered to opticians. Our catalogue is vast: a wide range of models for a trendy style. Opticians, you are bound to find the models for your customers! If trends change, some morphological advice remains.
Metal frames are for many people the ultimate choice in eyewear. Metal frames can be a bold statement while being colourful and attractive, and can therefore make a remarkable fashion statement.