Discover the SP4203_C1 sunglasses for women, made of injected plastic and Black in colour, from the brand of category 3 progressive sunglasses with UV 400 anti-UVA & UVB standards.

IKALY Sunglasses Plastic CP/TR90

Injected plastic sunglasses frame. Ultra light and comfortable

Made of injected plastic (CP), the black IKALY SP4203_C1 sunglasses stand out thanks to their thicker shape. It is more eye-catching and appears warmer. Injected plastic is the most common material used to make glasses. It allows for a wide variety of colours, textures and shapes, and is also a relatively light material.

They are strong, and can be adapted to practically all lenses and therefore all corrections.
Our frames are made of quality plastic, drastically selected according to our specifications to ensure solidity, comfort and to prevent the glasses from fading over time.
The Ikaly range of injected plastic sunglasses is available in a wide range of colours and models: SP4203_C2, SP4203_C3.

They are compatible with uncorrected lenses, single vision lenses and progressive lenses.
Ikaly second pair glasses are an excellent choice for your optical shop. Unbeatable value for money, a choice of more than 1500 references and an after-sales service guaranteed for 2 years.

55.0 mm Glass width : 55.0
15 mm Bridge size : 15
135 mm Size Branch : 135
46.4 mm Glass height : 46.4
55.0 mm
15 mm
135 mm
46.4 mm
Le mot de l'expert

To meet your customers' desires and to stay in the trend, every year in february and september new Ikaly plastic injected sunglasses (CP) are offered to opticians. Our catalogue is vast: a wide range of models for a trendy style. Opticians, you are bound to find the models for your customers! If trends change, some morphological advice remains.
This range is recommended for people with pronounced facial features and for young people who want to assert their personality and give free rein to their colour fantasies.