OCP529_C2 - Woman Polar Clip Optical Frame - Metal - Magnetic Polarized Solar Clip - Matt Orange

Discover the eyeglasses polar clip for woman OCP529_C2 made of metal and matt orange color of the Osmose Eyewear brand. Versatile, they will allow your customers to juggle in a single gesture between eyewear and sunglasses.
This elegant metal model, discreet and resistant, will seduce your female customers with its fineness and design. It can be used in a casual dress style as well as in a chic one.

This model includes 1 metal eyeglasses frame + 1 category 3 UV 400 magnetic polarised clip

Product Description

Lenses Color
Brown Gradient
Type of mounting
Flex Hinge
41.5 mm Glass height : 41.5
51.0 mm Glass width : 51.0
17 mm Bridge size : 17
140 mm Size Branch : 140
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Osmose polar clip: a range of clip-on eyewear to fit every moment of the day!

The woman OCP529_C2 polar clip metal spectacles frame offers unrivalled strength, while not skimping on lightness. Equipped with magnetic clips, the frames are ultra-practical: a single gesture is all it takes to switch from a pair of glasses to a polarised sunglasses with brown gradient category 3 lenses in compliance with UV400 standards.

Design, quality, choice and price are major factors for customers in your optical shop. We have designed the Osmose polar clip range in a unique and modern way with frames available in several colours: OCP529_C1 and OCP529_C3. This frame is compatible with uncorrected lenses, single vision lenses, progressive lenses, etc.

Octika's Osmose polar clip range is aimed at your female clientele, looking for frames that are light, reliable but above all that adapt to their everyday life. The invisible magnet technology combines comfort, utility and design.

For every purchase of an Osmose polar clip metal frame, you will receive for free, a protective case with its micro fibre cloth + a case to store your clip.

The Osmose polar clip eyewear frames are an excellent choice for your optical shop. A very interesting value for money for opticians, a choice of more than 1500 references, an after-sales service guaranteed for 2 years.