Discover the eyeglasses for woman OSA084_C2 made of acetate and blue color of the Osmose Eyewear brand Acetate is a very resistant and hypoallergenic matterial. It is a natural matterial with hand-made finishes.
Thanks to its multiple colours, you will find a wide choice of fashionable models . Bold and trendy, a must-have in your optical shop.

Outlet OSMOSE optical -70%

Acetate optical collection, audacity and fashion for a trendy look!

With its bold lines and trendy shapes, the woman OSA084_C2 eyeglasses frame in cellulose acetate is designed for your customers who assert their look with confidence.

Your customers will find in this model all the advantages of cellulose acetate:
- A natural feeling on the skin
- Perfect for allergy sufferers and eyeglass wearers with sensitive skin.
- Gives an elegant shine almost like silk
- Robust and durable
- Can be heated to give the optician flexibility in mounting lenses
- Stains are easy to remove
- Great comfort

Design, quality, choice and price are major factors for your shop's customers. That is why we have designed the Osmose Optical Acetate range in a unique and modern way. This Acetate optical frame is available in several colours: OSA084_C1 et OSA084_C3. The frames are compatible with uncorrected lenses, single vision lenses, progressive lenses.
OSA084_C2: a chic and trendy look guaranteed. A must-have that combines style and resistance.

For every purchase of an Osmose Optique Acetate frame, a protective case with its micro fibre cloth is offered to you.

The premium osmose frames are an excellent choice for your optical shop. A very interesting quality/price ratio for opticians, a choice of more than 1500 references, an after-sales service guaranteed for 2 years.

Boitier OSMOSE
52.0 mm Glass width : 52.0
17 mm Bridge size : 17
140 mm Size Branch : 140
35.6 mm Glass height : 35.6
52.0 mm
17 mm
140 mm
35.6 mm
Le mot de l'expert

To meet your customers' desires and stay in line with the trend, every year in january and september new Osmose optical acetate frames are added to our catalogue in the aim to supply optician a wide range of models for a trendy style.
Opticians, you are bound to find the models for your customers! If trends change, some morphological advice remains.

Do your customers want to assert their personality with their glasses? acetate is the matterial they need!
Thanks to the wide variety of colours acetate offers, they can take on a show-off look.
At Octika, a multitude of effects are offered to differentiate them: glossy, matte, wood effect, tortoiseshell, brushed... acetate is also very resistant and hypoallergenic.