The OSPT025_C1 women's polarised sunglasses in tr90, tortoiseshell / silver rhinestone, is made from a new generation of plastic and will surprise your male customers: in addition to being elegant, they are shape-memory and unbreakable. tr90 offers a sporty look with its flexibility and high resistance. This material gives light frames that do not deform and are very comfortable. These frames benefit from category 3 polarised lenses to UV 400 standards in TRI cellulose acetate with a high resistance allowing a better perception of colours.

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Sunglasses for all situations : sport, leisure, beach, mountain

Designed for optimal comfort in any situation, the TR90 OSPT021_C1 polarised sunglasses for men are made from a top-of-the-range material: Grimalid. It will surprise your male customers with its elegance and versatility of use: Sport, leisure in hot and sunny environments (beach and mountains).

Made from the lightest thermoplastic on the market, the TR 90 used by Octika is the most advanced form of Grimalid, which resists the highest stresses.

- Shape memory and virtually unbreakable.
- Exceptionally light frame.
- This high quality material is hypoallergenic.
- Very resistant to shocks and impacts. It does not deform.
- Makes for very flexible and comfortable eyewear.
- Excellent water flow properties (resilience phenomenon) and can withstand extreme conditions without deformation (vibrations, shocks, intensive use).
Combined withpolarised smoke lenses with high resistance due to the thickness of the TRI-Cellulose Acetate (TAC) lens to UV400 category 3 standards, reflections are eliminated, visual clarity is improved and your clientele will benefit from better colour perception.
Also available : OSPT025_C2. The frames are compatible with uncorrected, single vision and progressive lenses.

A range of frames essential to expand your offer in optical shops and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
For every purchase of an Osmose TR 90 polarised frame, a protective case with a micro fibre cloth is offered to you.
The Osmose TR 90 polarised premium frames are an excellent choice for your optical shop. A very interesting price-quality ratio for opticians, a choice of more than 1500 references, an after-sales service guaranteed for 2 years.

TR 90
Boitier OSMOSE
tortoiseshell / silver rhinestone
55.0 mm Glass width : 55.0
16 mm Bridge size : 16
140 mm Size Branch : 140
45.3 mm Glass height : 45.3
55.0 mm
16 mm
140 mm
45.3 mm
Le mot de l'expert

In order to meet the needs of your customers and to keep up with the latest trends, every year in february and september new TR 90 polarised frames are offered to opticians. A large choice of models for a trendy style are proposed to you. Opticians, you are bound to find the models for your customers! If trends change, some morphological advice remains.
For your customers who are looking for strength and extreme flexibility, there is no better option than modern frames made of TR90 material. They can easily bend at any angle to fit the shape of your face and are strong enough to absorb the most violent shocks.