NE_C3_150 - pre-mounted reading Unisex - injected plastic (CP/TR90) - New York - Violet / Wood Effect - Diopter +1.50

Versatile, the New York pre-mounted unisex reading glasses NE_C3_150 made of injected plastic (cp/tr90) and Violet / Wood Effect color of the brand IKALY will perfectly fit the daily life of your both male & female clientele both at work and at home. With its current shape and colours, this pre-assembled eyeglasses is of high quality, solid and equipped with reinforced and adjustable flex temples in CP. It ranges from NE_C3_200, NE_C3_250, NE_C3_300, NE_C3_350 dioptres.

Product Description

Lenses Color
Type of mounting
Flex Hinge
37.5 mm Glass height : 37.5
53.0 mm Glass width : 53.0
17 mm Bridge size : 17
143 mm Size Branch : 143

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Sturdy and stylish reading spectacle frame to a daily clear near vision

The pre-mounted reading glasses New York for unisex is equipped with adjustable reinforced CP flex temples allowing for easy handling without the risk of damaging the temples.

The diopter level varies from +1.50 diopter model features lenses with a magnifying effect to provide your customers with clear near vision. It comes with a carefully designed case and housing.

The Reading range of the IKALY Brand offers you a wide range of reading spectacle glasses with trendy and up-to-date shapes so that your customers who need clear near vision become a pleasure again. Available in different sizes and several dioptre levels: NE_C3_200, NE_C3_250, NE_C3_300, NE_C3_350.

Also available in Blueblock version, a technology that filters blue light from screen. The frames are compatible with uncorrected lenses, unifocal lenses, progressive lenses.
Example of use: reading, DIY or sewing, these reading glasses will make your life easier.
Premium IKALY reading glasses frames are an excellent choice for your optical shop. A very interesting value for money for opticians, a choice of more than 100 references, a 2-year after-sales service.