Comfortable and durable, discover the OSU037_C1 men optical frame in ultem and translucent night blue from Osmose Eyewear. Its ultem resin is ultra-light and flexible, allowing for exceptional comfort and durability. Heat and chemical resistant, its manufacturing process allows for a great deal of design freedom, resulting in contemporary frames with a designer look.

Premium Collection OSMOSE Optical Ultem

Browse our collection of ultem optical frames: a contemporary look that is durable and comfortable

The OSU037_C1 ultem model with its contemporary design look will accompany all facets of your mixed clientele to perfect its chic and trendy look. The ultem structure combines comfort, durability and flexibility.

Your customers will find in this model all the advantages of ultem :

- A light and flexible polymer capable of resisting all types of deformation and heat.
- ultem frames are known to be lighter and more flexible than traditional materials.
- Ultem is one of the plastic frames with perfect ductility and lightness.
- Ultem frames are as light and flexible as titanium frames.

Available in a wide range of colours, the OSU037_C2, OSU037_C3 models are sure to please your customers. The frames are compatible with uncorrected, single vision and progressive lenses. A must have in your optical shop.

For every purchase of an Osmose optical ultem frame, a protective case with a micro fibre cloth is offered to you. Osmose polar clip premium frames are an excellent choice for your optical shop.
A very interesting price-quality ratio for opticians, a choice of more than 1500 references, an after-sales service guaranteed for 2 years.
Boitier OSMOSE
Black / Blue
57.0 mm Glass width : 57.0
15 mm Bridge size : 15
140 mm Size Branch : 140
40.5 mm Glass height : 40.5
57.0 mm
15 mm
140 mm
40.5 mm
Le mot de l'expert

To meet your customers' desires and to stay on trend, new ultem optical frames are offered to opticians twice a year, in february and september. Our catalogue selection is vast: a wide range of models for a trendy style. Opticians, you are bound to find the models for your customers! If trends change, some morphological advice remains.
At Octika we offer round, square and rectangular ultem frames with an original design, comfortable, with high resistance to heat, hypoallergenic and corrosion. These glasses are perfect for the most complicated situations. Perfectly suited for your sports customers