OCP516_C3_CLIP_DRIVE - Osmose Drive Clips Unisex - Ultem - Dark Tortoiseshell Matt / Gold

Discover the yellow magnetic clip for unisex OCP516_C3_CLIP_DRIVE in ultem and designed for night driving from Osmose Eyewear. It fits the Osmose Polar Clip OCP516_C3_CLIP_DRIVE frame. This Dark Tortoiseshell Matt / Gold clip with yellow lenses has been specially designed to accompany your customers who drive at night. For every purchase of an Osmose Clip, a protective case is offered to you.

Product Description

Lenses Color
Type of mounting
48.0 mm Glass width : 48.0
21 mm Bridge size : 21

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Yellow clip for night driving. Ultra light and flexible, anti-glare

Discover the ultem Yellow Drive Clip OCP516_C3_CLIP_DRIVE. It protects the eyes from light emitted by other motorists as well as from the glare that street lighting can cause. Many drivers suffer from glare and visual discomfort which can be painful.
With the 1-clip drive clip, taking care of your customers' eyes is easy.
Made from ultem, our drive clips have been designed for the comfort of your customers.
Flexible and light, they will resist admirably to shocks but also to a daily handling.
For every purchase of Osmose Clip Drive, a protective case is offered to you.