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With over 20 years of expertise, Octika has acquired unique know-how in the conceptualization,
creation, and design of frames, enabling it to become a major player in the optical market in France and Europe.

Thoughtful design for practical use

Creating a frame design involves finding the right balance between aesthetics, feasibility, transportation, and product marketing. In each creation, we consider both the user's needs and those of the optician.

With over 2,000 models created and available in various colors, Octika adapts year after year to market trends and needs, striving to best meet demand and evolving fashion trends.

Continuously innovative products

Octika stands out through its constant
pursuit of innovation and creativity.

To keep up with the latest trends and best meet market and customer needs, we constantly envision new customizations, experiment with original materials, reinvent colors, and create shapes that blend aesthetics and whimsy.

Each year, 30% of our collections are renewed to offer the most current product ranges for men, women, and children, combining design, quality, and comfort.

An effective commercial strategy

For over 20 years, Octika has implemented an aggressive, realistic, and operational commercial strategy, carefully managed to offer collections of frames that are targeted and adapted to market needs.

The deployment of exclusive sales representatives who present the entire range of collections and brands, and provide their advice and product knowledge to opticians, is a real added value.

A tailor-made customer
service for the optician

At Octika, the mission of the customer service team is not only to address issues encountered post-sale but also, and more importantly, to assist opticians throughout their purchasing journey. Customer satisfaction challenges are a crucial element that remains at the heart of our concerns.

Octika is attentive to its 9,000 registered clients who help it every day to build an increasingly efficient offering.

A customer service
tailored to the optician's needs

Octika provides opticians with a free 2-year after-sales service (from the Octika invoice date). They can carry out their own customer service online or get help over the phone.

With an average rate of 3%, the customer service rate at Octika is low, a testament to the quality of the frames. Availability, responsiveness, and efficiency are the key principles.

Strong values that have guided us since 2001

Glasses for every face' has been Octika's motto for over 20 years. Indeed, everyone should have access to quality, stylish, and affordable glasses. Designing, manufacturing, and distributing complete ranges of glasses to optical professionals is Octika's mission.

Alt Customer Satisfaction It is our spearhead and reflects our expertise. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our priorities. Attentive to your needs, we strive to offer quality products and efficiently provide a service that is tailored to you. Respect Respect is a fundamental value at Octika, reflected daily in all the human aspects of our activity. It is evident in the trust of our partners and collaborators, as well as in our commitment to our clients. Moreover, it is the bond of the Octika team, which works every day in a calm and caring atmosphere. Team Involvement The success of a company is only achieved through the involvement of everyone. The Octika team brings together demanding and responsible individuals, each with complementary skills. With clarity and a strong team spirit, Octika demonstrates a great capacity for adaptation, allowing it always to achieve its objectives. Ambition Every day, we keep in mind the need to progress towards excellence. Being competitive, adapting to the market, taking risks, and maintaining a fighting spirit are values ingrained in our operation to constantly seek to improve our offering. Fun and Seriousness Individual seriousness allows for collective fun. Since work constitutes half of life, at Octika, doing it well and in good spirits is part of our mindset.