Alt Octika, with over 22 years of experience, passionately commits to the field of optical and sun frames, sharing its expertise exclusively with optical professionals.

The history of OCTIKA is particularly significant as it illustrates the company's development and adaptability in response to market changes and the needs of optical professionals. A success story that deserves your full attention! Here is its story:

The founder, Stefano Cinquegrana, of Italian origin, arrived in France with the intention of exploring new horizons. Curious, he accumulated some professional experiences before venturing into the sale of fashion accessories, notably sunglasses, in markets.
Creation of Octika Driven by ambition and entrepreneurship, the founder recognized the potential in the optics market, understanding the democratization of second pairs at opticians. With this vision, he established Octika Eyewear in 2001, featuring the collection ‘IK Occhiali’, which was more qualitative and original compared to the existing offerings at the time. Octika quickly established itself in the French territory, meeting a high demand in the market. 2001 In line with the company's growth strategy, the first catalogue was produced and sent to 10,000 opticians throughout France. Since then, we publish a catalogue every year. In a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, we prioritize digital versions. First Cataloguen 2008 2009 Creation of the Premium OSMOSE Collection The premium OSMOSE brand was launched to enrich the offering and consolidate Octika's position. Its DNA? To be the alternative to branded optical and sun frames, with excellent value for money. 2012 Octika moved from a 200 sqm facility to a space over 1,500 sqm. This move structured the company to support its growth.

The polarized OSMOSE collection was introduced.
Octika Grows and So Do Its Collections!n 2013 Expansion into Europe Distribution branches were opened in Spain (RTC) and Morocco (EYEZONE). Learn more about Octika's partners. 2014 Octika Goes Digital!n The first BtoB website,, was created. Exclusively for opticians, it allows them to place orders quickly and restock in just a few clicks! Stocks are updated in real-time. Concurrently, the first EDI catalogue, compliant with the OPTOV11 standard, was published to meet the specific needs of opticians. The Sales Force of Octika Octika hired its first exclusive sales representatives. This physical presence enables direct presentation of new collections to opticians. 2016 Launch of OSMOSE Polar Clipsn This year marked the launch of the OSMOSE Polar Clips collection. Optical glasses equipped with two clips: the polarized clip protects from the sun and the yellow/drive clip prevents glare from headlights during night driving. The OSMOSE Reading also complemented the offer, a range of reading glasses with or without correction and equipped with blue block technology to protect eyes from blue light from screens. 2017 Website Redesignn A new version of the website was launched, more ergonomic and intuitive, and available in multiple languages to accelerate the company's international development. 2019 2020 To align better with its brand identity and market needs, Octika revamped its look.
• OSMOSE Occhiali became > OSMOSE Eyewear
• Ik Occhiali became > IKALY

The Reading glasses changed their brand for better positioning and became IKALY Reading.
Revamping of Octika, OSMOSE,
and IKALY's Visual Identityn
Expansion of Facilities and Introduction of WMSn To support national and international growth and optimize logistics, Octika implemented a WMS system to improve storage and picking processes, thus enhancing performance. Additionally, the company acquired a second 1,500 sqm warehouse for these improvements. 2021 2022 New Website Launch Octika kept up with B2B digital trends to offer more services to its clients. As a result, a new, faster, and more user-friendly website was launched. IK PRIME, Designed in Camargue Octika launched the IK PRIME and Little IK PRIME collections. 2023 TODAYn Octika has over thirty experienced employees and is among the leaders in its market segment in the optics industry.