The alternative to branded
frames at low price !

Established in 2009, OSMOSE was created to fulfill a specific need: to serve as an affordable alternative to brand-name frames and to offer an excellent price-to-quality ratio so that opticians can maximize their margins.

Now the premium brand of Octika, OSMOSE has set itself apart through its diversity and originality. The brand caters to all types of wearers: women, men, and juniors. With over 3 million frames sold to date and a range of 1,500 references, OSMOSE offers both optical and sun styles that have adorned the gaze of millions of people.

Alt A stock ready to cater to the most diverse tastes and to offer an infinite range of options to meet all eyewear needs 2,000 optical and solar references Women | Men | Juniors Every family member will find frames suited to their style and preferences Over 300 colors A dazzling array of options to allow our customers to find the perfect shade that will complement their look with flair and style Acetate | Metal | Ultem | TR90 | Titanium Our frames are crafted from a variety of high-quality materials, including acetate, metal, Ultem, TR90, and titanium, to cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences Alt Our OSMOSE brand offers a wide range of 200 Polar Clip references, providing a diverse array of choices 200 Polar Clip References Case with cleaning cloth included With every purchase of an OSMOSE frame, our customers receive a storage case and a cleaning cloth, both included at no extra cost New Arrivals The collection is enriched twice a year with new creations, providing our customers with constant renewal and a diversity of styles at the forefront of fashion Boost Your Margins Thanks to our OSMOSE brand, which offers high-end frames at competitive prices, opticians have the opportunity to significantly boost their margins THE OSMOSE BRAND


Highly durable and hypoallergenic, handcrafted acetate offers a wide range of colors such as transparent, tortoiseshell, marbled, and more. It allows for intricate combinations and beautiful finishes.


Ultra-light and flexible, OSMOSE's Ultem frames offer exceptional comfort and durability. They can achieve a much finer appearance than other plastic frames.


All of Octika's expertise is focused on the manufacturing of these frames to bring flexibility and durability to this timeless-style collection. This new range combines comfort, modernity, subtlety, and quality to meet the needs of your most discerning customers.


The OSMOSE polarized TR90 range is made from a plastic material with already proven benefits: the flexibility and high resistance of this material result in frames that are lightweight, comfortable, and that maintain their shape.


Evolving into Octika's premium brand, OSMOSE has distinguished itself through its diversity and originality. It is a brand that caters to all types of eyewear consumers: women, men, and juniors. With more than 3 million frames sold to date and a portfolio of 1,500 references, OSMOSE offers both optical and sun styles that have captivated the gaze of millions.

Made from stainless steel, these frames are both durable, lightweight, and comfortable. The collection features trendy models that often incorporate a combination of other materials such as acetate or carbon.


The 3-in-1 Concept

The prescription glasses from the Polar double clip range combine versatility with style. We have specifically designed trendy frames that perfectly align with the daily needs of your customers. Offer them the benefit of two magnetic clips: one category 3 polarized sun clip and one yellow clip for night driving.