OSA158_C3 - Woman Optical Frame - Acetate - Black

Discover the eyeglasses for woman OSA158_C3 made of acetate and black color of the Osmose Eyewear brand Acetate is a very resistant and hypoallergenic matterial. It is a natural matterial with hand-made finishes.
Thanks to its multiple colours, you will find a wide choice of fashionable models . Bold and trendy, a must-have in your optical shop.

Product Description

Lenses Color
Type of mounting
46.0 mm Glass height : 46.0
49.0 mm Glass width : 49.0
21 mm Bridge size : 21
145 mm Size Branch : 145

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Acetate optical collection, audacity and fashion for a trendy look!

With its bold lines and trendy shapes, the women OSA158_C3 eyeglasses frame in cellulose acetate is designed for your customers who assert their look with confidence.

Your customers will find in this model all the advantages of cellulose acetate:
- A natural feeling on the skin
- Perfect for allergy sufferers and eyeglass wearers with sensitive skin.
- Gives an elegant shine almost like silk
- Robust and durable
- Can be heated to give the optician flexibility in mounting lenses
- Stains are easy to remove
- Great comfort

Design, quality, choice and price are major factors for your shop's customers. That is why we have designed the Osmose Optical Acetate range in a unique and modern way. This Acetate optical frame is available in several colours:

The frames are compatible with uncorrected lenses, single vision lenses, progressive lenses.
Your customers will love the OSA158_C3": a chic and trendy look guaranteed. A must-have that combines style and resistance.

For every purchase of an Osmose Optique Acetate frame, a protective case with its micro fibre cloth is offered to you.

The premium osmose frames are an excellent choice for your optical shop. A very interesting quality/price ratio for opticians, a choice of more than 1500 references, an after-sales service guaranteed for 2 years. "